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The first affordable, all-in-one solution that protects your website with state-of-the-art External PCI Security Scanning, Internal Heuristic Malware Scanning, and ‘Auto Renewing’ SSL Certificates and Validation scanning.

We tested Trust Guard® against a leading competitor, as a result partnering with Trust Guard was the clear choice for Fathead.They provide excellent services at extremely competitive pricing.

Jennifer R., CIO | www.fathead.com

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There Are Over 75,613 Known Vulnerabilities Online

With Trust Guard® Total Website Protection, your Website is Protected using 3 Layers of Defense:

Trust Guard External PCI Scanning
1st Layer of Defense:

External PCI DSS Scanning

Our External PCI DSS scans establish a perimeter defense around your website; helping you to close any open doorways that a hacker might use to gain unauthorized access to your site.

Whether you realize it or not, your website is under constant attack; and with 84% of all websites failing their initial PCI DSS Scan, it’s very likely that you’re currently a high-risk target.

At Trust Guard®, we run a daily external PCI DSS scan on your website to help stop and eliminate both existing and new found threats. Our PCI DSS scans are done by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor to ensure that your website passes all Visa, MasterCard and American Express security standards.

Our daily scans also come with full certification reports that you can send to your merchant bank to show that you’re compliant.

2nd Layer of Defense:

Internal Heuristic Malware Scanning

We use Artificial Intelligence (Internal Heuristics) and millions of data points to scan your web pages for suspicious scripts, malicious media, and hidden file changes.

If a virus or a hacker ever does happen to find a way into your website that the PCI DSS scan doesn’t recognize as a vulnerability, Malware Scanning is a great second defense.

At Trust Guard®, we use daily heuristic malware scanning (which utilizes hundreds of thousands of internal scans across the web to find malicious patterns and anomalies) to look for internal file changes that look suspicious.

This can help you to discover any issues quickly, so they can be stopped and resolved with minimal risk. And, if you ever do find any malware, we will help you to remove it.

Trust Guard Auto Renewing SSL Certificates
3rd Layer of Defense:

‘Auto-Renewing’ SSL Certificates

We install the latest, most advanced auto-renewing SSL onto your website (when your current certificate approaches expiration), so you never have to go through the pain of manually renewing your SSL certificate again.

The third layer of defense is to make sure that you always have an active SSL certificate using the most advanced security protocols, to ensure that sensitive information is always encrypted in transit.

The problem with traditional SSL certificates is that their encryption keys get old and expire, and many times, business owners don’t realize it until it’s too late.

At Trust Guard®, we help you integrate the latest SSL technology that auto-renews every 60 days instead of every 1-2 years, making your encryption keys up to 12 times safer, so they always stay current and you never have to worry about your SSL certificate expiring.


Want the highest level of protection?
Get Ultimate Website Protection with Cyber Insurance.

Additional 4th Layer of Defense:

$200,000 in Cyber Protection

With your very own $100,000 Cyber Insurance and $100,000 Breach Response Insurance policy, you are fully protected, should you ever experience a breach.

As a business owner, if your website ever gets hacked for any reason, you can expect on average to pay around $100,000 in State and Federal penalties, PCI compliance fees and other damages. Fortunately, with Trust Guard® Ultimate Website Protection, you’re completely covered with your very own $100,000 Cyber Insurance policy to offset these costs.

Plus, you also receive $100,000 in Breach Response Insurance, which means that as soon as there’s a breach, you’re immediately surrounded by the best legal counsel, top forensics experts, and an incident response team to help protect you, your business, and your customers from any further harm or damage.

By having both Cyber Insurance and Breach Response Insurance, you can move forward with complete confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your website, your business and your customers are safe.


We tested Trust Guard® against a leading competitor, as a result partnering with Trust Guard was the clear choice for Fathead. They provide excellent services at extremely competitive pricing.

Trust Guard - Fat Head Testimonial |   Jennifer R., CIO

Extremely impressed with the increase in conversion rates since displaying the Trust Guard® The cost of the seal is paid for 100 times over with the increase in business we receive each month

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Customers Want To Know That Your Website Is Safe.

Adding Trust Guard® Seals & Certificates to your Website Instantly Increases Your Sales.

Show Your Customers That You Take Their Security Seriously.

Our Security Certificate is full of important information that gives your customers peace of mind and confidence in their buying decision.

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Adding the Trust Guard® SECURED Seal and Checkout Seal are Proven to Significantly Increase Your Sales!
Trust Guard Security Scanned

The Trust Guard® SECURED Seal, with its unique ‘Shield Lock’ design and scrolling text, show your customers that your website is safe.

Trust Guard Security Scanned

The Trust Guard Checkout Seal helps to eliminate security fears and concerns at the very moment when they are the most likely to abandon their purchase.

With a 4.7 Overall Star Rating, You’re In Good Hands.

Over the years, we’ve collected ratings and reviews from over 900 of our actual clients:

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It’s time to fully protect your most valuable asset.

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